Week 27 and 28- Transatlantic and Cross-country travel!

We made it.

20121211-081839.jpg Outside the hotel, along the bay.

After a 7.5 hour flight to Newark, followed by a 6.5 hour flight to San Francisco a few days later, we finally made it “home”. Hoping that the vacation feel will soon come to an end. Staying at an extended stay hotel doesn’t help matters. But we are two seconds from closing a deal on a place to live. So living out of a suitcase may soon come to an end and I can start nesting!! Wheee!

20121211-082345.jpg Here I am at 27 weeks. Looking quite round.

Sadly my diet has suffered in the last two weeks. I am finding it quite hard to make good decisions. But today I skipped on the greasy complimentary breakfast and went for cereal and a yoghurt. Baby steps…

20121211-082946.jpg 28 weeks as of Monday. Time is flying.

I don’t know how much weight I’ve gained but I don’t feel overly pudgier than usual. My belly has gotten bigger but I can’t see any other changes. To keep any extra weight gain at bay I’m going to start walking along…wait for it…the bay! There’s a great path along the bay and I am looking forward to seeing how far I can go.

As for Chexie, his movements are getting quite forceful and constant. He used to mostly move in the early morning and at night, like clockwork. Now it’s throughout the day. I don’t mind, I quite enjoy his jabs. I guess his internal clock is messed up like mine. I have been waking up at 3AM. Not sure if it’s the pregnancy or jet-lag. But luckily I’ve been getting enough sleep to carry me into the evening. At 5PM I just want to pass out. If I make it past 9PM I’m golden.

So that’s that. We are in the States and looking forward to feeling/getting settled!


A Public Service Announcement

Taking a babymoon seems to be a trend that is here to stay. If you’re North American, pregnant and traveling to Europe for the first time, it’s good to be prepared, even if just mentally. It helps to know what you’re getting your pregnant body into.

1. Always know where the nearest toilet is. I’m not kidding. Your bladder will thank you later. In London I take it for granted that I can easily nip into a Starbucks or pub to use their facilities. But that’s not always the case on mainland Europe. In Paris we thought we would be sly by going to a café, getting a drink and using the loo. No go. You had to pay to use the toilet! Can you believe it?! The nerve. But that’s how a lot of places roll in Paris, you have to pay to pee. So always have change in your purse. Again, your bladder will thank you. If you’re lucky you might run into an Irish pub (they are everywhere!) and they might kindly allow you to use their toilet (shout out to the Irish pub in Rome that hooked me up!). And there’s always trying another café, they don’t all charge to use their toilet. At last resort, if your bladder is crying, you can always go into the nearest shop, and rub your bump as you plea for the toilet. But if you’re like me and you’re sporting that “Is she fat or pregnant look?” you might look like you need to take a serious dump. So yeah. Use that tip at your own risk.

2. Embrace the stairs. North America is shiny and new. Europe is dusty and old (in an AWESOME way, really) making it not very handicap accessible. Don’t expect to have elevators and escalators at your convenience. Be prepared to hike up 2-4 flights of stairs at a time. Over, and over again.

3. Beds in Europe are small. Double (aka full-sized) or two twin (aka single) beds put together are the norm in hotels. So I hope you like to snuggle. Maybe your partner can cuddle you until you forget how uncomfortable that damn bed is.

4. Carry water. I cannot tell you the amount of times I’ve been looked at as if I asked for the combination to the safe after requesting tap water at a restaurant. Europe isn’t huge on hydration. If you’re not given a small shot glass worth of water, you’re asked to pay for it. I always want to ask, “You don’t do tap water? How do you clean your dishes?” But I don’t. I’m not rude 🙂 Paris and Rome have their fair share of city water fountains but you have to be choosy as to which you’re willing to drink from. Some are nice-looking, some are not. You’re better off carrying a water bottle and topping it off before leaving the hotel.

5. Take a break. One of the best parts about eating in European restaurants is that they never want you to leave. Just try getting a waiter’s attention to get the bill, might take you a while. But take advantage, stay a while, enjoy the view and give your back and feet a break.

6. Grin and bear it. Everyone in Europe seems to smoke: dogs, kids, clowns. It’s just how it goes. So if you’re anti-smoking, just walk away and hope you don’t walk through another fog of cigarette smoke. And don’t be surprised if your non-smoking hotel or restaurant smells of smoke. In a Brussels B&B we complained about someone next door to us smoking and all the owner did was shrug his shoulders. Grin and bear it my friend.

So there are my warnings/tips. Pays to be prepared, I say. I know I’ve taken the joking route to express my experience of traveling while pregnant in Europe but I do hope someone can find it helpful!

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Week 22-Recovering from Rome

In the courtyard, The Vatican, Rome No 22 week photo so I have to settle for this one at 21 week and 5 days. Taken in the courtyard of the Vatican.

How far along| 22 weeks.
Baby’s Size| 11 inches, or the length of a spaghetti squash. Have I ever seen a spaghetti squash? Hmm…
Weight Gain| Down a pound. But it wasn’t due to lack of eating. We went to Rome for a long weekend and holy crap did we walk and climb stairs! So. Many. Stairs.

The Colisieum, Rome

Sleep| I’ve been sleeping very well, feeling tired by 10ish, especially after all the traveling.
Clothes| I noticed that my jacket is feeling a bit snug. Hoping it will last a couple of  weeks or so, or until it’s proper coat weather. My coat is a lot roomier than my jacket.
Cravings| Gelato! Chocolate gelato especially. We made it a point to have 1 to 2 gelatos a day in Rome. Best ice cream ever.

Keeping up with my goal of two gelatos a day. I'm a happy girl.

Food Aversions| None. Huzzah!
Symptoms| The usual: backaches, foggy brain (lately I swear I forget what I am saying mid-sentence), and itchy skin. All of which I have forgotten to mention in previous weekly updates. D’oh! Silly brain.
Movement| The baby loves gelato! I experienced my first confirmed baby kicks after some delicious gelato. There’s a theory that babies move more when you eat or drink something cold. Must be true!
Belly Button| Chilling inwards.
Baby’s Sex| A wee mister.
Highlight of the Week| Feeling my boy kicking about. He’s getting stronger with each passing day.
What I miss| I don’t miss it at the moment but I will as soon as the Christmas holidays start up in full swing: mulled wine! Man, oh, man. I do love me some mulled wine.