Dressing the Bump

Being (f)unemployed can lead you to a life of much PJ-wearing and unkempt hair. If I don’t get dressed as soon as I get up, chances are I am not going far from the flat, that is, if I leave at all. And with the dreary cold weather here to stay, my walks have lessened and staying cozy indoors trumps any attempts at going out. So I do look forward to ‘Dressing the Bump’, that way I get dressed early, have my photo taken by my husband before he’s out the door, and I’m left ready to hit the streets.

Today I didn’t go far, just around the neighborhood. With the threat of rain looming, I wanted to get home ASAP. You’d think I am made out of sugar! But today I wore one of my favorite tops that I’ve made. It still fits so I figured I should take advantage. I do wonder if I can wear it into my third trimester just because the waistline sits higher than it’s meant to be. A mistake I made in my favor (thanks, Past Self).

Dressing the Bump

Last winter (or was it early spring?) I went through a small stretch where I made plans to meet people so I was forced to leave the house. Don’t get me wrong, I wanted to see these people, I just would have preferred under nicer circumstances. But that’s the problem, if you’re waiting for a bright shiny day, chances are, you won’t ever do anything! As the days get shorter I stay home and that’s not a healthy choice. I need to move, and enjoy my last few months in London. Gray day or not.

Do you find it hard to leave the comforts of your home on dreary days?


Week 18-Where’s my bump?

Week 18 and still feeling quite chipper

How far along| 18 weeks and 2 days.
Baby’s Size| My baby is officially the length of a bell pepper. The cutest little bell pepper ever.
Weight Gain| Minus 4 pounds since I found out I was pregnant. I keep gaining and losing the same 1-2 pounds.
Sleep| Still meh. I have started sleeping through the night but I do wake up to toss and turn a lot. I just can’t get comfortable. I am considering investing in a maternity pillow. Trying regular pillows for now.
Clothes| Some clothes are snug around the bust and middle section but otherwise I can wear most of my clothes except for a few skirts and pants. Sporting maternity jeans in the photos.

Shouldn’t I have a bump by now?

Cravings| I would love some tea cakes or Mallomars. I blame it on watching the TV show, Great British Bake Off.
Food Aversions| Leftovers. Blergh.
Symptoms| Growing pains. I know Chexie is growing when my lower back starts hurting. And boy has it been hurting these past few days. Chexie is due to double in size between week 16 and 20.
Movement| During a scan I had yesterday they measured Chexie’s hand and it’s 1cm across. Can you imagine?! Chexie is still so tiny. But definitely quite powerful. S/he has gotten quite active. I think s/he will be quite the dancer.

A little something, something

Belly Button| Inside.
Gender| For a while I thought it was a definitely boy. But now I am wondering if it’s a girl. I blame a dream I had with the sweetest wee baby girl in it. But funny enough I still use male pronouns when referring to it.
Highlight of the Week| Being told this pregnancy is going A-Okay.
What I miss| Big cups of coffee. Although I still drink coffee here and there, it doesn’t compare to the 2 to 3 cups I was having a day. Coffee makes me happy and keeps me warm.


This week I officially started getting together all the supplies to start making baby stuff. I’ve been in a sort of a dream world, thinking I had all the time in the world. In actuality I am almost half way through my pregnancy and haven’t made baby a thing. I guess I wanted assurance from the midwives and doctors that things were going well before diving into making mode. So far I have bought fabric for Chexie’s quilt, toweling for bibs, and snaps for onesies/baby-grows. I’m hoping to crank the onesies, booties and bibs in a week or so. Just one long assembly line.

As for the quilt…I just can’t decide on what I’d like it to look like. It has to be easy and stress-free. Here are some of my inspirations.

Well that’s all for now. Looking forward to possible sharing some things I’ve made soon. Hope those fabrics get here soon.