Dressing the Bump: A Doughnut Run…Er…Walk

Dressing the Bump Collage

My husband and I recently discovered a local bakery that make the most divine fluffy chocolate-covered, chocolate-filled doughnuts. Heaven! I’m proud to say that I don’t indulge in them often and that I earn them. The walk to the bakery is a nice 40 minute walk round trip (uphill one way). When we arrive to the bakery I am always in desperate need for the toilet, water and that freaking doughnut. Stat!

I’m sad (or am I?) that we didn’t venture into this bakery earlier. But I appreciate the random trips here all the more since they are limited…Three weeks until moving day!

Hubbie was home to take my photo today so we took it outside, to the sunshine! I wore my simple, fast skirt that I made and wore earlier last week. I used an existing maternity skirt as a pattern. And what’s the cost of this skirt? £4. I paid £8 for the skirt I used as a pattern, so I essentially got two skirts for the price of one. The fabric was free. Win, win.

Dressing the Bump


Dressing the Bump- Feeling Teal

I love that a lot of my regular clothes are still wearable. For instance, this Gap dress I bought for a bargain ages ago. It definitely does the job: fits well, it’s comfortable and not too short. Layered up with a cardi makes it instantly warm enough for fall. Excuse the pink cheeks and pulled-back hairdo. I’m overdo for a haircut so I just pulled it back after showering this morning. Confession: I love it when I can pull it back and work the Robert Palmer Addicted to Love Video Girl look. It’s nice to be lazy sometimes.

Dressing the Bump-Week 22.2

I paired the dress with some teal tights and Toms. I hate these shoes. I am not going to lie. They are the biggest pain in the ass to put on. Even if I didn’t have a belly to work around I would find these quite difficult to put on. And these are the second pair to disappoint me. I’m not a TOMS fan. Rant over.

Dressing the Bump-Week 22

Being pregnant has made me reevaluate the clothes in my closet and rethink how I can wear them. I’m loving it! New life for old clothes.

And I love being pregnant. There. I said it. I LOVE it. Aside from the worrying that comes with it, I love the way my body feels, looks. But I am quite fortunate so far int hat I’ve had nothing serious to contend with (KNOCK ON WOOD), like morning sickness. My aches and pains remind me of the pains I suffered after long runs: satisfying. To me those aches are telling me, “Good going!” or “Keep at it!”. I hope against hope that my body keeps at it and doesn’t decide to bring on the pain and discomfort with the third trimester. Because, you never know.

20 week Update- And it’s a…

I bought these sweet shoes early on. I forgot what color they were, until today. Blue, quite fitting.

How far along| As of today I am 20 weeks and 1 day. More than halfway done baking!
Baby’s Size| Chexie is the length of a banana, and average for his size and weight.
Weight Gain| Minus three pounds from the day I found out we were pregnant. But yesterday I was up a pound from when I found out. Huh?
Sleep| Still hitting the potty multiple times a night but lately I’ve been able to go back to sleep soon after. Hurrah!
Clothes| I haven’t bought clothes in ages but when I saw that floral skirt, pictured above, I nearly fell over. I love that the fabric is reminiscent of a grandmother’s tapestry. And it was a bargain at 8 quid.
Cravings| Breads and pastries. Both fulfilled.
Food Aversions| Cold cereal. So over it.
Symptoms| My back was ACHING for two days straight. It finally calmed down, thankfully.
Movement| Still just the gentle waves and pokes here and there. No martial arts action yet. But he was kicking a lot during today’s scan.
Belly Button| In.
Sex| It’s a boy! My intuition was correct. And so was my mother’s.
Highlight of the Week| Seeing Chexie and his parts. Glad he wasn’t shy today.
What I miss| Lack of back pain.