4 Months- and a call for a sleeping solution!


I started this post last week and am finally able to finish it…assuming Little Man doesn’t wake up. Where’s my excellent little sleeper? Have you seen him?  Last week he was back to sleeping 6 hours before needing a snack and returning to sleep. I was blaming his shift in sleep schedule to growing pains. But these last couple of days he’s back to not being able to soothe himself back asleep. And we’re having to rock him to sleep at naptime and at night. It’s rough. He’s also waking up several times at night and wanting to be rocked back to sleep then too. It’s rough!

Putting him to sleep can eat up about 3 or more hours in a day. I’m not sure why he’s struggling so much because he isso tired. And we’re against letting him cry it out so that’s not a method we want to try. We need to find a no-tears sleep solution. If anyone has one please share! We are tired over here! And I miss spending time in the evening with my husband. I feel as though we only get to catch up on the weekends because our son’s bed-time routine eats up our evenings.

We are quite torn on whether we should get him to sleep earlier. Right now we start his routine around 8 and he’s not asleep until right before or a wee bit after 9. IF we put him down at 7 it wouldn’t leave much time for my husband to visit with Ollie before he goes to bed. So yeah, we are stumped. We are still hoping he’s suffering from growing pains and will go back to the ace sleeper he use to be. Wishful thinking?

So milestones and firsts…

Leading up to his 4 month birthday, he found his toes. He’s been sucking on them ever since. Cutest thing ever!


Tummy time has become old hat and he’s killing it. He no longer cries when he’s put on his tummy.


He is loving his reflection. He loves looking at himself during bath-time and when we sit in front of the closet mirror in his room.


We went on our first official trail walk. California is FULL of trails and I’ve decided we need to hit most of the ones near us. On this particular day we went to Sawyer Camp Trail.



We think his hair has finally stopped falling off and is starting to grow back. Yay! (I’m happy to say I think the same for myself. Phew.)

4 months

Other things: he’s chatting a lot more. Making different sounds and squealing at times. He’s also becoming quite the drooling monster.


Also he’s a hair and earring grabber. Ow!

He’s still loving his jumparoo and all his toys, especially Petey the Pirate (a rattle) and Sophie the Giraffe.



Overall our son is quite the happy smiley baby. I just hope he can learn to go to sleep soon because he might become a crabby one. Hopefully not. I’m sure this sleeplessness is a stage and will surely end (right? right?!). We just want to help him now rather than let him suffer from tiredness. So yeah, any tips on how to help him self-sooth to sleep would be great!



Ollie’s (and Mama’s) Favorite Things, 0-2 months

I am blessed with a baby that is pretty easy to read. If he fusses it’s because he’s sleepy, hungry, needs changing or is overstimulated. With that said I still need extra help to keep him content. These are a few items that have been saviors for us for the first couple of months. I didn’t receive any sponsorship for this post. It’s just my honest opinion. I know while I was pregnant all I wanted to know was what things would save me from pulling my hair out. Well, these are a few.

Ollie’s mobile above his changing mat is so incredibly loved by him it borders crazy adorable. He chats with “his friends” every time I change him. He never cries, just stays spellbound staring up at it. Great buy from Ikea.

The Boppy isn’t big-girl friendly, I am not going to lie. But if you nurse a baby using the football hold (placing Boppy around the side of your waist oppose to around your waist) then you’re golden. It works. I thought a pillow would do just as well but it doesn’t. The Boppy is pretty firm and adds that added support when feeding him.

This kid goes crazy on this mat. he loves kicking the parrot and reaching for the elephant rattle. He stays amused for quite a while. Bliss.

When I was recovering from my c-section I couldn’t go up stairs more than 3 times a day for two weeks. This sleeper was a life saver since we live in a duplex. Ollie napped downstairs with me and I never had to worry about having to take him up to nap in his room. It remains his favorite place to sleep. We’ll soon be transitioning to napping in his crib but this sleeper came in so handy!

I know not all babies love swings but Ollie loves his. He very very rarely fails to fall asleep in it. Many a tear (from me!) would have been shed without this bad boy. So worth having.

We like to rock Ollie to sleep and so does he. We moved the glider into our bedroom, where he’s sleeping. It helps to have late at night when he’s having a reflux issue, needs extra help going to sleep or simply to rock and have some cuddle time.

So those are our favorite things so far. I’m looking forward to seeing what toys he will prefer when he starts getting interest in them. Let me know what are some of your favorite baby items. I’d love to know!