33 Weeks and 2 days-New Maternity Jeans

33 weeks and 2 days

How far along| 33 weeks and 2 days
Baby’s Size| Baby is supposed to be a little over 4 pounds by now but last week’s ultrasound showed he was running a little below average but within range. But I think he had a growth spurt since then because man, he is feeling heavy these last couple of days.
Weight Gain| Still +8 pounds. I did my fair share of eating last week, let me tell you. But I also walked a ton. My bestie came to visit and we hit San Francisco a few times and we walked loads.
Sleep| I’m averaging about 4/5 good days a week. Although, last night was not one of them. My lower back kept cramping. I kept waking, what seems every 10 minutes, to turn over.

Maternity jeans

Clothes| I officially grew out of my maternity jeans with the low panel so I refashioned a new pair. I decided on a high panel and it fits comfy. But I’m not sold on the jeans. Even though they fit, they feel a bit off. Maybe after a few wears I’ll decide if I like them enough to keep wearing them. Otherwise, hello leggings!
Cravings| Comfort foods. Since I’ve arrived in the U.S. all I want to eat is stuff from my childhood: sandwiches, sugary cereals, bagels, Chef Boyardee (I know, I know…). Oh and pickles. I’ve always hated pickles and suddenly I’ve turned into a cliché and eat it on my burgers and sammies happily.
Food Aversions| Leftovers are still quite hard to stomach. There are quite a few in the fridge that need to be chucked away because I just can’t make myself eat them for lunch.
Symptoms| There’s a new one! Not sure if it’s pregnancy related but it sure is awful. I started getting a burning pain along my left hip joint. It truly feels as though someone is lighting a match against my skin. Signs point to a pinched nerve. Wonderful.
Movement| He’s starting to thump and move the belly.
Belly Button| Innie.
Baby’s Sex| A mister.
Highlight of the Week| I got to see bits of Chexie last week. He’s a bit too big to get a full photo of him so I had to settle on seeing his cute foot here and a fist there. So sweet. And the good news is that he’s head down, facing my spine. Here’s hoping he stays that way.
What I miss| Running. My neighborhood is a great place to go out for a nice short run. One day…


Today I had a check up with the doctor. At separate times the nurse and the doctor both told me, “Not too much time left.” And I just about wanted to tell them to hush, I’m not ready yet and that I need more time!


Week 24- A Day of Leisure

Week 24 Looking quite normal from the front

Week 24 Turn to the side and BAM…bump.

How far along| 24 weeks and 2 days
Baby’s Size| Chexie is a little over a pound and almost a foot long.
Weight Gain| Up almost 2 pounds. This may be the start of the weight gain. And if so, I am very okay with that.
Sleep| I woke up several times this week with sore hip and back pains. Bah! Looking forward to a new bed. But of course, I can’t put all my pain blame on our crap bed.
Clothes| Regular clothes with some maternity pieces thrown in. So far both my coats fit me and I’m hoping I can survive the winter with at least one of them.
Cravings| Toffifee. I had a stock to take back with me to America and it’s gone. Oops.
Food Aversions| None.
Symptoms| Growing pains, acid reflux (more than usual), foggy brain, and sleepiness by 8PM.
Movement| He’s moving for longer periods in the morning and evening.
Belly Button| In.
Baby’s Sex| Boy.
Highlight of the Week| Finally getting a karate kick that took my breath away. It felt pretty darn cool, I have to admit. Really.
What I miss| I’m stumped. I can’t think of anything for this week. I’ve been quite content overall.


This week I’ve been obsessed with figuring out our son’s name. We debated a handful of names and we still go back to our first choice: a nickname name just like daddy (my husband is just Greg, not Gregory). But we are still looking and not 100% done looking. But I have to say, coming up with a name is hard. I honestly thought it would be really easy but every name I like I end up having doubts over for one reason or another. I’ve liked a few names for ages and now they just don’t seem right. An imaginary baby is a lot easier to name 🙂

21 Week Update-Healthy thoughts, please

Dress the Bump: V&A Hollywood Costume Exhibit 20weeks and 5 days

How far along| 21 weeks exactly.
Baby’s Size| 10 1/2 inches, or the length of a (huge!) carrot.
Weight Gain| 0 pounds. I gained 3 pounds from last week to this one. I’m not sure if this is good or not. But I am going to start eating less sweets. I made these yesterday and had my husband take them to work with him.

Doughnuts filled

I love to bake. So I plan on still baking but giving away what I make or baking healthier treats. Sounds good to me, right?

Sleep| I probably sleep well every other day. I am considering doing an exercise challenge for myself to exert some energy on days I stay in.
Clothes| I’m still loving all my clothes and the way they fit. I am not having issues with fit…yet. I bought the skirt above so I can use it as a pattern and make a couple of more. It is so comfy.
Cravings| Food. Finally I am being a lot less picky when it comes to foods. Maybe that’s where I got those 3 pounds from? Hmmm…
Food Aversions| None really.
Symptoms| I forget to mention this one weekly but not today. I have been so damn gassy since week 9. I swear I can fill up a hot air balloon. Charming, I know.
Movement| I keep feeling these thumps below and along my belly button. Is it Chexie? Is it the said gas above? Who knows! But I do know Chexie’s schedule has changed and he is no longer moving about between 5-8AM. What’s up with that? He should be keeping me company while I’m awake.
Belly Button| So so so in.
Sex| Un nene lindo.
Highlight of the Week| Finishing Chexie’s quilt. It’s so much prettier in person. The colors are so vibrant.
What I miss| SUDAFED. I really, really need to find out if I can take them. I can’t breathe over here! What the hell is in the air lately? Luckily I have an appointment with the nurse tomorrow so I’ll be asking her about it.


The three pound weight gain had me thinking a lot last night when I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t get the image of (Downton Abbey SPOILER ALERT) Lady Sybil dying from preeclampsia out of my head. I really hate that my thoughts can be so dark during sleepless nights. I’m a rational person, and I know medicine has come a long way since the 1920s but the fact remains women still die in child birth or have serious complications from labor.

All I can do is work at being the healthiest I can be come labor day. With that said I really was inspired by this blogger’s 30 Day Yoga Challenge. On rainy days I have totally abandoned my yoga DVD in favor for the sewing machine. Big no-no. With the yoga session only taking 30 minutes why am I skipping them? Laziness, that’s why. And well, I’d rather be sewing. Well no more. Starting today I am going to attempt my own 30 Day Yoga Challenge. I’m wearing my maternity yoga pants on now. Woot!

Now that my appetite is coming back with a vengeance I want to keep better track of what’s going in my body. I found this useful chart that will help me keep track of not only foods but of daily nutritional needs. I came across an article that said plus size women require more folic acid than average sized women. Huh? No one told me this. Just another question to ask the nurse tomorrow.

So yoga and food tracking will be my tools to combat excessive weight gain, which in turn will help lower my chance of suffering from preeclampsia, or gestational diabetes (ack!). Sounds like a plan.

All right then. Yoga time!

Week 19-Something’s finally happening!

19 weeks and 1 day
Ack! I just noticed that the lines on this shirt/dress do not line up! My sewist’s eyes are ruining my Ready-to-Wear clothes for me.

How far along| 19 weeks and 1 day.
Baby’s Size| Chexie is the size of an heirloom tomato. I don’t eat tomatoes so I don’t have a clue as to how big an heirloom one is. But what I do know is the my baby bump is catching up to my chubby bump (above the baby bump). Woo hoo!
Weight Gain| Four pounds less than when we found out we were pregnant. Here’s hoping the weight gain stays minimal, once it starts packing on, 10-15 pounds. Funny thing I’ve noticed is that even though I’ve lost weight I haven’t lost it in the usual places, like my upper abs (I swear I have some!). It seems to have actually gotten fatter. Ugh. But it’s all for the greater good: breastfeeding energy storage.
Sleep| It has gotten better. I definitely have no trouble falling back to sleep after a late night bathroom break if I exhaust myself the day before. Sunday we walked for 90 minutes and I was exhausted by the time we went to bed.
Clothes| Same ‘ole same ‘ole.
Cravings| I’m not craving anything at the moment. If someone mentions something yummy or if I see it on TV, that’s when I crave it. So yeah, nothing in particular.
Food Aversions| Leftovers never sound nice lately. And I am a lover of leftovers!
Symptoms| Holy heck. I’ve been having some short, but sharp pains along my lower abdomen. I’m not alarmed because they are not constant and signs point to round ligament pain.
Movement| Chexie is most active between 5AM and 9AM. I still can only feel it mostly when I place my hands on my tummy. I am looking forward to that karate chop to the gut soon.
Belly Button| Not out.
Gender| In less than one week we find out, assuming Chexie flashes the goods.
Highlight of the Week| Going on a lovely picnic with my husband. It was nice to have some alone time outside of the flat and just enjoy each other’s company in nature. Corny, right? But the truth.
What I miss| Allergy meds. What wouldn’t I give for some Sudafed and Claritin. I get really bad sinus related earaches when my allergies are at their worst. And I’ve been at my worst these past few weeks. The pain just adds to the trouble of staying asleep.


Planning for baby is made difficult when you don’t know where you will be in the new year. You see, we decided we would move home before our visas expire in March if we got pregnant before then. Being close to our family and friends, having the support system, is very important to us. London has never quite felt like home. Home for us is Austin, Texas, where we met, built our lives together and made strong friendships. Unfortunately it’s up in the air if it will be our home again. My husband has invested quite a few years with his current company and would love to continue with them. He’s been working on a job transfer for the last couple of months but we’re still no closer to knowing where we stand, or where we will be come baby time. To open up the options he has applied to offices in Seattle, Raleigh, and San Francisco. San Francisco seems to be the best bet because the company is based there and offers the best chances for a job opening.

But San Francisco would feel like an extension of the life we live in London: high cost of living, still far from family and no support system. The only up side is that it’s in the States and travel won’t be as troublesome and costly for people when they visit.

So you can see my hesitation when it comes to prepping for baby. I’d love to sign us up for prenatal classes and go to mommy meetups. But where will we be doing these things? I’d love to shop for bargains and start hoarding baby stuff. But what if we have to pay for the move ourselves? The last thing we need is to add more bulk. **Sigh** So that leaves me making cute little baby stuff like bibs, blankets and clothes.

There’s always the option of staying here, extending our visa and moving later. But the thought of having to deal with the U.S. Embassy to register the baby for a birth certificate and passport, waiting for it to have its vaccinations so it can fly, ugh…Gives me indigestion just thinking about it. Maybe I’m a sap but I want my family there for the birth and a few weeks after. And sadly the answer isn’t simply to have them fly in. My family just can’t afford the costs of international travel. And one thing I’ve come to realize is that even though my family can be crazy at times, they are always there for me and have made me the woman I am today. And I so miss them.

Here’s hoping we get some news on the pending move (or stay?) soon! The suspense is getting to me. I want to prep a nursery dammit!

Worry worm


Soon after the joy of finding out we were pregnant passed, worry set in. And it hasn’t left. I believe it’s here to stay. At least until the wee one grows up and has a family of its own. You see, I started worrying at the little things. When I sneezed I imagined the baby popping out. Not kidding. When I walked down the circular stairs that lead from my flat, I was terrified that at any moment I would trip. Cramps were confusing, was it a growing pain or was it worse?

Luckily when the second trimester arrived a lot of the weight on my shoulders lifted. But it soon returned when I realized that between this week and that I should be feeling my baby move. Your thoughts always seem the scariest, craziest and absurd when you can’t sleep. I’ve been suffering from insomnia off and on since getting pregnant. I wake up anywhere between 3AM and 5AM and stay awake until 6:30AM. But there has been a bit of a distraction. When I’m lying still I can feel some movement and instantly I become serene and feel as light as a feather. But then a day goes by and I’m back to worrying, wondering if there’s something wrong with the baby. Why isn’t it moving more? And then it happens again. I feel some movement and everything becomes good again.

I don’t think I will ever stop worrying about this babe. Not ever. But we will always have those moments when all is well and life will just seem lovely and dream-like.