Ollie’s (and Mama’s) Favorite Things, 0-2 months

I am blessed with a baby that is pretty easy to read. If he fusses it’s because he’s sleepy, hungry, needs changing or is overstimulated. With that said I still need extra help to keep him content. These are a few items that have been saviors for us for the first couple of months. I didn’t receive any sponsorship for this post. It’s just my honest opinion. I know while I was pregnant all I wanted to know was what things would save me from pulling my hair out. Well, these are a few.

Ollie’s mobile above his changing mat is so incredibly loved by him it borders crazy adorable. He chats with “his friends” every time I change him. He never cries, just stays spellbound staring up at it. Great buy from Ikea.

The Boppy isn’t big-girl friendly, I am not going to lie. But if you nurse a baby using the football hold (placing Boppy around the side of your waist oppose to around your waist) then you’re golden. It works. I thought a pillow would do just as well but it doesn’t. The Boppy is pretty firm and adds that added support when feeding him.

This kid goes crazy on this mat. he loves kicking the parrot and reaching for the elephant rattle. He stays amused for quite a while. Bliss.

When I was recovering from my c-section I couldn’t go up stairs more than 3 times a day for two weeks. This sleeper was a life saver since we live in a duplex. Ollie napped downstairs with me and I never had to worry about having to take him up to nap in his room. It remains his favorite place to sleep. We’ll soon be transitioning to napping in his crib but this sleeper came in so handy!

I know not all babies love swings but Ollie loves his. He very very rarely fails to fall asleep in it. Many a tear (from me!) would have been shed without this bad boy. So worth having.

We like to rock Ollie to sleep and so does he. We moved the glider into our bedroom, where he’s sleeping. It helps to have late at night when he’s having a reflux issue, needs extra help going to sleep or simply to rock and have some cuddle time.

So those are our favorite things so far. I’m looking forward to seeing what toys he will prefer when he starts getting interest in them. Let me know what are some of your favorite baby items. I’d love to know!