My baby blog intentions

Being a plus size mama-to-be is a nerve-wrecking experience. There are no positives reflected in the medical community when it comes to plus-size pregnancies. You are constantly told to beware of gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, a forceps-assisted labor, and etc. So of course soon after finding out I was pregnant that feeling of elation was replaced with nervousness and anxiety. I had no intentions to be overweight (the doctor’s term for me would be obese) when pregnant. I was training for a half marathon when we fell pregnant. Unfortunately I hadn’t reached a fitness level that allowed me to continue. I was still out of shape and the struggle to continue was far too much for me. So I’ve settle for walks and yoga.

As far as food, I must admit that I am not eating all my necessary nutritional requirements. With little appetite during the first, and current, trimesters I gravitate towards foods that sound remotely nice: grapes, apples, Nutella, potatoes and beef. I am planning to post a chart on my fridge and tick off every time I fulfill a nutritional requirement. Seeing what I need to eat will be a lot easier than guessing.

I am hoping that keeping a blog will keep me honest about my healthy routines. There are many women who have wonderful, safe and smooth plus-size pregnancies. I am refusing to be scared and instead be aware of what I need to do to have a great pregnancy.

I love dressing up and being pregnant isn’t going to change that. I’m actually really looking forward to making my maternity clothes. You see, I love to sew. I’m planning on embracing the layered look for fall. I have already made a sweet dress that will look great with cardigans, tights, sweaters, so on.

Final version of Simplicity 8670 (maternity pattern) in Liberty cotton and Japanese lace

I am really looking forward to sharing my plus-size maternity outfits. I am currently unemployed and need a reason to get dressed and going in the day! Why not make a photo shoot out of it?

Body Acceptance
I will never have that gorgeous sleek body with small cute bump. I will not fit into skinny jeans 2 weeks postpartum. It’s just not going to happen. Instead of mourning those facts I am going to celebrate the body that has allowed me to complete a number of road races, gets me from point A to B, and is giving us the baby we are so thankful for.