39 Weeks-Baby Showered

39 weeks

How far along| 39 weeks. Finally…finally I feel uncomfortable, looking forward to having my body back and am ready to meet my little mister.
Baby’s Size| According to babycenter.com, “20 inches and weighs a bit over 7 pounds, a mini watermelon.”
Weight Gain| +13.5 pounds.
Sleep| Sleeping well. Feeling whale-ish when turning around in bed.
Clothes| Scored a cute dress for our virtual shower. Since it’s a wrap it’ll be wearable after baby arrives.
Cravings| Still loving cold things: slushies, sorbets, ice cream…
Food Aversions| Nothing.
Symptoms| Hip pain, pelvic pain, feeling awkward.
Movement| I can feel bigger movements (assuming it’s his head and shoulders), not so many kicks.
Belly Button| In
Baby’s Sex| A wee boy.
Highlight of the Week| My awesome friend Trish hosted a virtual shower for me. I didn’t think something like that would be possible but it totally was. I had such a great time seeing everyone. We were quite fortunate to receive lovely baby gifts. Feeling very thankful.
What I miss| Still…no hip pain.


My mama’s in town for our impending baby arrival. Looking forward to just relaxing and hanging out with her. Today I got the rest of his clothes in order, our bags are packed, and the house is clean. So yeah, we can officially say we are ready for him to come!


7 thoughts on “39 Weeks-Baby Showered

  1. What a cute outfit, you look great! How did the virtual shower work? Did everyone get together at one place and facetime you? I’m intrigued!

    • Thank you! We did it using Google Hangout. People across the States an England logged on at a certain time and we got to chat. Each chat room is limited to 10 people so we did a few different sessions. It was fun and I recommend it!

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