Push it, Push it real good

I’ve finally started getting all the bits together for the trip to the birth center. Last night included a late trip for groceries and some baby and mama essentials. I’m still torn between getting a nightgown (a simple button-down) or just wearing the hospital gown. Can I just say this will be my first hospital stay since my birth so I’m not too sure what to expect gown-wise. I am really hoping it’s not one of those ass-out ones. Would/Did you prefer to wear your own?

And then there’s the whole bathing suit thing. I get to labor in a tub, so do I wear a proper one piece or am I suppose to wear just a top and no bottom (classy!)?

Lastly, I’m crazy glad I get to play music in our room. I leave you with a preview of my labor music playlist: Push it, Push it real good. If you have any good songs to share send them my way 🙂


14 thoughts on “Push it, Push it real good

  1. Ooh, I got nothing for you on this. I wore the hospital gown with both my deliveries. With my first, I was induced after I fell on a walk while 40 weeks + 5 days pregnant, so I had to be monitored the whole time (yeah, don’t do that). My second was a VBAC, so again, monitored the whole time. The hosptal gown wasn’t THAT bad, though. And honestly, I was so focused on laboring that I didn’t really care what it looked like. The maternity ones are different from the normal ones, though because they have slits for breastfeeding. I have seen some cute maternity gowns on Amazon, though.

    And induction and a VBAC also means I never got to labor in water as I had planned to do. I would think that a one-piece could be problematic when it comes time to push.

    Lots of decisions. Good luck!

    • Sadly I don’t get to give birth in the tub, just use it for pain relief. But the doc said I can use a one piece but that women mostly go all natural. So yeah…

      I may just go with a hospital gown because all the cute gowns are pricey and all I can think about is all the crud that will end up on it.

      We will see. Thanks for sharing! I will definite try not to fall between now and labor day. I hope.

  2. I labored mostly in water and just wore a bra. I’m modest but you get to a point you don’t care. I do home birth so no gowns, but if I were you I’d save the pretty gown to wear after the birth.

  3. I asked the “attire” question, too. I’m just wearing the top in the tub. I was told “you’re pushing out a baby! Why wear any kind of bottom?”. Makes sense. In the unlikely event of a hospital delivery, I would wear my own gown. My doula says women just feel more at ease with their own clothes than with that hospital gown. Keep in mind it will most likely get ruined, though. Some women wear a Tshirt and a loose, easy pull-up skirt.

    If you have a free Spotify account, I can share my playlist there! Let me know.

  4. I wanted something bright to put on after the birth but was having no luck looking in the shops. In the end I found these lovely kimono robes on Etsy – it arrived from India within a week and I can see myself wearing it for many many years to come. She’s really good and makes them to your size so it ends up perfect for your needs.


    I’ve also ordered a button up kaftan from a separate Etsy shop (also based in India) as I’m finding all the nursing clothes in the shops really dowdy looking.

    Love the idea of a playlist!

    • I’ve seen that Etsy seller on a mommy blog and didn’t think much of it until now. I love the colors. And you’re right, you can totally wear it postpartum for ages. Thank you so much!

  5. I have an opinion on both of these haha… I’d say go with the hospital gown! You’re going to be gross and have fluids coming out… better to have one (even an ass-out one!) that you can just throw on the floor and they’ll take care of it and get you a new one whenever you want!

    As for laboring in a tub, go for the classy bikini top, no bottom. They are going to need to check your progress regularly so a one-piece would just get in the way… you’d end up being naked! Not that that’s bad or abnormal, but if you want to keep your boobs covered that’s your best bet. I wore a sports bra, and eventually my midwife even took that off me because it was all wet and I was shivering when I was out of the tub!

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