37 weeks- Progress

37 weeks

How far along| 37 weeks today or aka “full term”
Baby’s Size| Babycenter.com says, “Your baby weighs 6 1/3 pounds and measures a bit over 19 inches, head to heel”
Weight Gain| +10…but after this weekend I am sure to be up a pound or so. I had massive Slurpee/Icee cravings and indulged.
Sleep| Getting some. The hips or back weren’t hurting this week.
Clothes| Fun times, a week ago or so I found that clothes pictured above still fit.
Cravings| Did I mention Slurpees? Hit the spot, especially with the warmish weather we’ve been having.
Food Aversions| Not much at the moment. Pickles are back on the ‘no’ list.
Symptoms| The heel isn’t hurting as much but the nerve/hip pain came back with vengeance yesterday afternoon. I actually thought if it got any more painful I might pass out. The fiery pain is no joke. I must find some stretches to do. I’ve failed to do that because the pain would show up for a few minutes and was manageable. Might as well work at getting rid of it.
Movement| He still likes to get down low at times (awkward). But doctor mentioned he has not dropped (boo!).
Belly Button| In
Baby’s Sex| Un nene.
Highlight of the Week| Seeing the floor. No really, the place was that bad cluttered. Don’t ever downsize from a 4 bedroom house and think you can make it all fit :). Stuff from London + stuff from Austin= Chaos. But with much determination my husband managed to break down a bazillion boxes and get it ready for recycling. Hurray! Again, seeing the floor is quite a highlight 🙂
What I miss| Getting up without much effort. I feel like a seal trying to come onto land when laying down or getting up, that graceful. Also, having a sewing shop within a bus ride away. I broke two seam rippers and ran out of a specific thread right when I was 8 inches away from being done with my sling (super cute, by the way). Now I’m stuck waiting for an order to come in.


Being on the other side of the country, while pregnant, from all your friends and family is quite trying. I mean, seriously, I didn’t think it would be. But after finding myself with little energy to set up house and no one other than my husband (who’s been working overtime FOREVER!) to interact with I got the blues. I got blue over not having the perfect nursery (I blame you, Pinterest!!!). I got blue over possibly having the baby come into a wreck of a house (but I strongly think this won’t happen; we’ve made great progress) .

When bringing home a little one I imagined a wonderful welcome, surrounded by those you love. I got blue that there was no one else to celebrate the baby’s arrival except for my mother (if she arrives in time), my husband and myself. But at the end of the day all that matters is, yes, a healthy baby. So I wipe those tears and think happy thoughts. Time is floating away and soon we’ll get to meet our little man and that makes me quite tickled and happy.


10 thoughts on “37 weeks- Progress

  1. Wow, it’s all happening soon! Just a couple more days and you’ll be posting photos of the cutest baby in the world in the cutest clothes ever!!! I know from my SA-in-London friends that it is definitely not an easy process being away from friends and family when you have a baby. Even though you’re in the same country, it’s still hard. I’d recommend you set up regular Skype dates (maybe every Sunday) alternating with the grandparents. It gives them a chance to get to know the little one and he will grow up with them constantly in his life. Speaking of Skype, I have unlimited phone calls so do let me know if you’d like to set up a time to chat!

    • I do enjoy FaceTime with my family. But there’s something about getting people energy when they are physically there, you know? I think I am just being needy at the moment. Surely it’ll pass. I hope!

      We should totally chat! It’s been a while. When is a good time for you?

      • I must admit, I haven’t got my bodyclock in sync with SF yet so whenever I think of chatting, it is usually 3am your time. I’m thinking the best time for texting could be in the evening on the way home – 5pm my time and 9am your time. Then maybe we could work out a similar phonecall time on a Saturday or Sunday?

  2. Oh, I’m so sorry you’re feeling blue! But you look adorable — way better than I ever looked at 37 weeks pregnant! Look on the bright side, though, when it comes right down to it, one GOOD helper is all you’ll really need or want when baby actually arrives. Too many people are just too much activity and too much stress for how exhausting and overwhelming a first baby can be. Your mom will be the perfect greeter!

    • I hear that new mamas get overwhelmed by too many visitors. I think I am wanting so many because I haven’t had any 🙂 But I might think differently after here’s here and enjoy not having to be a host to anyone but my mom, if that.

  3. Hang in there babe. The nursery won’t be needed yet -he’ll be right by you instead for weeks. And the only people you need are your partner and your mum. You’ll be fine. Thinking of you every day xxx

    • Thanks Joanne!

      I think I am just overly sensitive at the moment; hormonal if you will 🙂 I’m pretty sure I’ll be fine with just my mother and G.

      Hugs to George! I bet he’s lifting his head and pretty alert by now.

  4. First, I love your outfit! You look fantastic!
    Second, I totally sympathize with feeling blue about being far away from your people. My MIL (who I don’t know well) is coming for a few weeks, but I really wish my own mom and sisters could be here, and of course all my girlfriends 🙂 oh well, such is modern life it seems. I hope your mom makes it in time!

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