36 weeks-4 more to go!

36 weeks

How far along| 36 weeks.
Baby’s Size| Mr. Chex Mix should be weighing around 6 pounds and be around 18.5 inches long. I do hope this is the case.
Weight Gain| +10.
Sleep| Okay, except for the constant turning over to find comfort. And all the potty breaks.
Clothes| I have managed to have quite a fun wardrobe between all the ready-to-wear clothes that still fit, the ones I made and the few maternity pieces I bought. Still loving my wardrobe. I feel quite fortunate in that regard.
Cravings| Not pickles! And just like that, the craving left as easily as it came. So random. I am only craving sweet things and candy. I have been hankering for (and getting) freshly squeezed orange juice and fresh lemonade. But as for proper foods, coming up with meals these days is quite hard. Nothing sounds nice. Feels a lot like the first trimester, me forcing down food.
Food Aversions| Pickles.
Symptoms| Mushy brain. Tired by 5ish and awake by 9ish. My dry hands have gotten a wee bit better but not by much. Also, suddenly I have a pain in my right heel. And the burning hip is still around. Wth? Where do these aches come from?
Movement| On some days it feels like he’s making his way south. And he moves quite a bit more when his Papa is home 🙂
Belly Button| Still in.
Baby’s Sex| A Mini Greg.
Highlight of the Week| Washing the baby’s clothes, and getting the crib and glider put together. The room looks stark but it should start getting some color as soon as we start putting up the decor, put on the bedding, etc. I also sent out some baby gifts to friends. I am waiting to hear from them, hoping they like the bibs and burp cloths I made.

Nursery is finally coming together. Slowly but surely.
What I miss| My hip not hurting after some walking or moving about.


With four weeks to go I’m feeling the pressure. I selfishly want Chexie here with us but logically I know he should bake longer…And give us time to get the house in order. G and I managed to put quite the dent in unpacking and breaking down boxes (mostly him). We can see more of the floor! Hurray!  Today I get to arrange the closets and get another charity donation pile going. The last room that will get touched is the sewing room, sadly. It just has too much work involved considering it’s the office as well. And I want it to be well organized. I want to focus on it completely when the time comes.

In other news, I feel quite good even though I get those aches here and there. I am hoping the heel pain doesn’t start affecting my walks. I’ve been enjoying walking around in the sun and just getting to know the neighborhood. I live within 10 minutes of the high/main street, so I do quite a bit of browsing there.

Well, I’m off to get more of this place sorted. Wish me luck. I can see a wee bit of light at the end of the tunnel.


7 thoughts on “36 weeks-4 more to go!

  1. Oooh, you’re getting so close! You look so cute and happy. I had to laugh at your “where do these aches come from” comment… From what I hear, that’s perfectly normal. 😉 Now you have ME craving freshly squeezed citrus juices, and I have no excuse…

    • Yeah, when I bring up a new ache or symptom the doctor just tells me it’s normal. As long as they go away once baby comes I’ll be happy.

      I wonder if investing in a cheap and cheerful juicer is in order. Imagine all the freshly squeezed juices that can be had?! Yum!

      • Yes, and you’re in the right place for it too… Every time I visit friends in that area, I bring back as many lemons as I can carry. I’d imagine it would *quickly* pay for itself vs. take-out fresh-squeezed… 😀

  2. Yay for walking! I must warn you, it is a moreish pastime! I seem to want to walk more and more! This has been such a fun blog – you’ve made pregnancy seem like fun!

    I’m sure the heel is temporary but have you considered getting reflexology? I used to go for frequent sessions but believe it feels sublime when you’re pregnant.

    • I think pregnancy has seemed fun to me because *knock on wood* I haven’t had any complications except for silly worries or the normal aches here and there. I’ve been quite happy and I hope I stay that way once baby comes.

      I am thinking about going for a postpartum massage! The heel pain seems to be a result from weight gain. Boo! It should eventually go away.

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