35 Weeks-We finally bought the crib!

35 weeks

How far along| 35 weeks and 2 days. Only 33 days left. But who’s counting?
Baby’s Size| About 18 inches long and as heavy as a honeydew. I think that comparison might be true. He’s feeling quite heavy. Especially when I lay on my back to read. It’s a no go from now on. Feels like I’m caved in.
Weight Gain| +10
Sleep| Great since Greg got back from Austin. Except this morning I woke up at 4:30 and couldn’t go back to sleep. I think I may have been a bit anxious about my doctor appointment? Can’t say for sure. Sadly didn’t fall asleep until 7:30 and had to get up by 8ish to get ready for the appointment. Boo.
Clothes| My clothes came in from London so I now have clothes to play with.
Cravings| Ice cream is still a favorite. I think I can do without a sandwich this week but I’m sure I’ll have one.
Food Aversions| Leftovers, same ‘ole, same ‘ole.
Symptoms| My left hip is still acting up (burning feeling from a possible pinched nerve) and for some reason I broke out like a teenager this week.
Movement| A clog dancer.
Belly Button| Still in.
Baby’s Sex| A wee boy child.
Highlight of the Week| Getting a few sorted for the nursery, like buying his crib and pack ‘n ‘play bassinet. And also washing his clothes. Next up, the hospital bag!
What I miss|My husband. He’s on a time crunch and working super long hours. I miss him. A lot. Unfortunately the overtime doesn’t come to an end until around our due date. Bugger


We are swimming in boxes over here. We’ve managed to unpack quite a few. But it feels like when we empty one, a new one takes its place. Adding to the clutter is the stuff we bought for the nursery. They are not the smallest boxes. At least those will be dealt with this weekend. G will be putting together the crib and glider. And I’ll be cheering him on very enthusiastically. Nah, I will be tackling our bedroom. Since baby will be sleeping in our room for a bit I want to make sure the space is clutter-free and serene; the complete opposite of the rest of the house. I honestly thought I would be able to unpack and get everything sorted on my own but I quickly get stressed, overwhelmed, tired and distracted. In that order. If we had more storage space the unpacking would happen easily. But as of now we’re having to do some magic and make it work.

With the stress comes the need to de-stress, so of course I sew. I made Mr. Mix a pair of pants and a funked up onesie from a couple of my old T-shirts. Luckily he can wear it at home and no one will be the wiser 🙂

Upcycled an old T to make a onesie. It's wonky but it'll work.

Putting my old T-shirt to good use.

I have a few more T-shirts that will make some cute baby clothes. But I’ll leave them for later. For now I am going to work on making the crib bedding (a couple of fitted sheets and a crib skirt). That is, when I’m not tidying up 🙂


10 thoughts on “35 Weeks-We finally bought the crib!

  1. Wow, those really are the cutesy clothes ever, even more so because they’re repurposed. I think it’s a great idea to have one decluttered* room in the house, a place that can be your calm and sanctuary.

    * you would not believe how many times my iPhone autocorrected that!

    • A sanctuary is definitely important. It helps your mental health so much.

      I think repurposing is the way to go with making baby clothes. I have so many clothes that I won’t use that can be made into so many wee clothes. That might be a fun challenge- no new fabric for baby, se what I have and get creative!

  2. Those outfits are adorable! He’ll be the hippest baby ; ) Too cool to be a seeing momma. I have yet to learn to use a sewing machine. I received a new BabyLock as a gift and it’s been sitting in a closet, untouched. Also want to learn to free/doodle stitch!
    You make me feel less guilty that our bedroom isn’t yet ready for baby. We do still have a few weeks, don’t we…
    LOVE that long dress and the way you accessorized it. Reminds me I need to take my picture before this while experience is but a memory.
    Cheers to us!

    • Yes, cheers to us! We have a few weeks left so no stressing allowed. In my perfect world I would have been done with the nursery by month 6 and been happily sewing until the end. But what cal you do? Life gets in the way and you have to put little projects aside. But I saw a photo of your girl’s nursery. It look picture-perfect to me. Hopefully the bits that need doing aren’t hard to do.

  3. OMG I love that milk & cookies tee made into the baby pants! That’s one of the most precious repurposing acts I’ve ever seen. Definitely a great idea to have one room totally unpacked/decluttered, and that’s the perfect room to choose. Come to think of it, it may not be a bad idea for me either, a mere five years after moving here… 😉

    • 🙂 Unpacking is such a huge chore.

      Luckily there’s sewing to take my mind off things. I love my Threadless Ts but realized I have outgrown them a bit. So happy they are the perfect size for baby clothes! The prints on them crack me up.

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