Everyone Needs an Ugly Cry Here and There

Best Ugly Crier ever, Claire Danes.

Last week I let a little thing like the way I looked (or didn’t look) to push me into the Ugly Cry Territory. We’ve all been there and it feels nice to get it out and over with (thanks for humoring me!). I think I cried more over all the changes that I have gone through in the last two months: moving countries, settling in an unfamiliar city, dealing with health insurance instead of not, feeling closer to family but still being so far, and more. It’s a lot to deal with and I really hadn’t let myself deal with these changes until now.

I can see the end of the tunnel soon: our furniture (nothing broken, I hope!) will all be here by the end of the month, we should be unpacked and settled by February some time, and we are slowly getting things ready for baby. Feeling unprepared for baby is the worst. As much as I tell myself that there’s still time to prep things it doesn’t feel like it. But there is time! And I am just going to relax and take everything one day at a time. The brunt of the move is behind us and we just need to work on settling in, making friends and prepping for little guy. Won’t be too hard, right? Right?! Thankfully my mother is coming to help me. At the very least she will distract me. Moms are good at that.


3 thoughts on “Everyone Needs an Ugly Cry Here and There

  1. ALL my cries are ugly!!!!! I have a defense mechanism that automatically throws my hands over my face when I cry…because god forbid someone have a camera on them when I’m crying! Moves are REALLY hard, in general, but when pregnant? GEEZ. I would hardcore ugly cry a few times a day the week we moved to the house so you’re not alone! And it kind of feels better to get it out…I mean unless you do it for an hour and then you get a snotty nose for the rest of the day…so only do it for a few minutes 🙂

  2. You’ve had a lot of change recently! Take some time to take a deep breath and regroup. Everything will work out but I can see how it must be so overwhelming! Glad your mom is coming to help out!

  3. Yeah, I agree with the above commenter, all my cries are ugly! 🙂 But they almost always make me feel better. So much time we spend “bucking up” or “keeping our chin up” etc etc. A good hard cry is so cathartic. (And thank goodness for a mom visit!)

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