Week 32- Suffering from Bump Envy

32 weeks. This is how I look when not cradling my bump for a photo

How far along| 32 weeks
Baby’s Size| According to BabyCenter.com, “By now, your baby weighs 3.75 pounds (pick up a large jicama) and is about 16.7 inches long, taking up a lot of space in your uterus.”
Weight Gain| +8 pounds
Sleep| Wonderful and deep. When we moved into the new place we bought a new mattress and sleeping has been heaven ever since. There has been a few nights where I wake up with an ache but those are far and few in between.
Clothes| My non-maternity t-shirts and tanks are now too short. Time to make some longer tops.
Cravings| Ice cream.
Food Aversions| Leftovers at the moment.
Symptoms| Short of breath after climbing just a flight of stairs, round ligament pain showed up again, and bad acid reflux at night. Yucko!
Movement| Yes. Lots of it. Although he’s more frisky on one day than the next. There’s a schedule to his friskiness.
Belly Button| Innie.
Baby’s Sex| Boy.
Highlight of the Week| Tomorrow I am meeting with a doula and on Wednesday my best friend is coming for a visit. Aaand I get to have an ultrasound and see the Chex Man. It’s been a long time. I’ve very excited and of course, a bit nervous. I am always nervous for the scans.


Maybe it’s the hormones but I have been feeling very sensitive over my bump lately. Often pregnant women complain over unsolicited attention their bump gets from strangers (“Don’t touch my belly, please”) or from unsolicited advice/comments (“You’re about to pop. Are you sure you’re not due sooner?”). Well not me. I get nothing. I often wear a cardi and maybe it does a good job of making me not look pregnant? I have yet to be asked how far along I am, when I am due, or offered a seat in a crowded train. Seems silly to moan about such miniscule things but here I am…moaning.

I think if I had a smaller frame (you know, size 8/10 with a cute basketball bump) people would be more inclined to coo over me; because obviously I would look pregnant. And let’s be honest, isn’t it nice to be cooed over when pregnant? My husband, friends, and family assure me that I look pregnant but then why would a store attendant ask me who am I buying baby clothes for? I totally frowned inside, maybe even shed a tear 🙂

I think most people are just being polite, not wanting to insult the chubby woman, just in case she just has a bad case of the bloats and isn’t pregnant. I respect that. I just thought I was passed that stage. I’m 32 weeks today and I’d like a bit of freaking strangers cooing at me. Is that too much to ask? Or will I regret that wish? I know I’m just being overly sensitive and silly. I’ll get over it, surely. It’s just that’s what’s bugging me this week.

With all that said, I am very thankful for having had a great uneventful pregnancy so far. All my worries have just been that- worries. I wouldn’t change a thing. Well, an easier move. I would have preferred an easier move 🙂


Update: My prospective doula cancelled our meeting. As of today she has enough March births to attend to. I totally ended up ugly-crying. Not cool, hormones. Not cool.


21 thoughts on “Week 32- Suffering from Bump Envy

  1. Aw, that’s awful about the who are the baby clothes for comment. I’d want to cry too! Also, I think you may be on to something about the cardigans. Before my belly really popped, but I was definitely showing, I noticed on days that I wore cardigans, blazers, or tailored jackets worn open people didn’t notice that I was pregnant and seemed surprised if I told them that I was. I’ve found that the form-fitting, long jersey knit maternity shirts are best for showing off the bump. I hope he pops out there soon!

  2. Hey Melizza! Greetings from Europe. Hope your US move wasn’t too annoying! Just wanted to chime in that, as a petite pregnant lady, I don’t get many comments, either. That is most likely because Swedes are polite and introverted, but I agree with you that it would be fun to be cooed over sometimes:) At this point, I think we are both looking pregnant enough to get a few comments! Here’s to the next few weeks being coo-filled!

  3. I wanted people to notice too! I think you look cute! I think that lighter colors will make your bump more obvious…I notice when I wear dark stuff, it’s not very noticeable! I mean…besides the way I walk…. lol

  4. I think you look awesome! I always wanted to look less pregnant when I was pregnant since with the way I carried I HAD to wear maternity clothes by 9 weeks and looked like I was carrying a baby elephant by 30 weeks. 10+ weeks of hearing “You haven’t had that baby yet?? You’re huge!” is really annoying. Still, wishing you some pregnancy love and cooing. I’d be sure to coo if I saw you!

  5. I think you look absolutely fabulous – is it me or do very few people actually get cooed over? It probably doesn’t help that it’s winter so everyone is so layered up. You are an example to us all of a pregnant lady who is absolutely glowing. In the movie ‘What to expect when you’re expecting’ someone goes “she’s like a pregnancy unicorn” – those women are very few and far between.

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  7. For the record, I think you look fabulous! I am sorry about your doula canceling- I understand that would be upsetting :(. Glad everything else seems to be on track for you and baby 🙂

  8. I think you look great! If it makes you feel better, I didn’t look obviously pregnant until about 34 weeks especially when I was wearing cardigans or blazers. Good luck finding a doula! We interviewed 4 before we found ours.

    • Thank you! After chatting with my mom (who had 3 babies) she assured me she didn’t look well pregnant until 7/8 months! Funny enough I’ve gotten a lot rounder since last week 🙂

  9. Awh I feel like we haven’t spoken for an age Mela. Don’t you be worrying about other people commenting on your bump. Let me tell you it will all seem utterly irrelevant once you’re smiling down at your little baby boy! I’m so sorry to hear about your doula -am sure you’ll find the right person for you though!

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