Week 31- What a difference a week makes!

31 weeks and standing in front of our neighbor's lemon tree.

I’ve finally hit that awkward pregnancy stage, you know: finding it hard to pick stuff off the floor, getting up from the bed, and struggling to get in and out of the car. I am also finding myself getting uncomfortably full quite quickly and frequently hitting the bathroom more than usual (reminds me of my first trimester). And finally I’ve been suffering from acid reflux quite frequently. Not cute.

This morning poor Chexie had the hiccups and my husband could see my stomach moving along rhythmically to them. Poor thing. I wish I could have rubbed his back or something. Too bad I have no idea as to how he’s positioned.Β  Maybe I’ll find out at my next appointment. Tomorrow I have a visit with an OB/GYN that works with the birthing center I registered with (Yay! It’s the one I visited last month). She seems really open to natural births but of course I’ll see how much so after I chat with her. I’m really hoping she’ll do an ultrasound tomorrow but she more than likely will give me an appointment for one later. I truly hope we click. I wasn’t pleased with my midwife in London. She was nice but overworked and not shy about complaining about it. We never got to build a relationship with each other and she never once asked me how I was doing or if I had any questions for her. I was quite put off by the experience. But again, she is overworked (midwives provide majority of the healthcare for pregnant women in the UK). Unlike the US, the UK is going through a baby boom. You can’t spit without hitting a pregnant lady (sorry for the visual). There’s not much time left for OB and I to become besties but that’s not what I’m after. I just want to trust her, know she will honor my wishes (within reason) and believe that she will have my best interest at heart the day of delivery.

A week from Tuesday I get to meet with a prospective doula. She sounds quite sweet in her emails. And she’s nice enough to come to my side of town to meet. With no good seating at the house currently, I am relieved when she was okay with meeting at a local coffee shop. Luckily for me I can walk there.

That brings me to another development happening this week-learning to drive a manual. We sold my car and kept my husband’s, a manual. We had intentions of buying me a car when we moved back but with G being able to take public transit to work there’s no point in getting another one. So yeah, driving stick… Holy crap it’s frustrating. It’s beyond me why anyone would want to work harder at driving. I’m not going to lie, I hate driving. I rather walk than drive, unless it’s rainy and cold outside. Today was lesson #2 and I only killed the engine 2 or 3 times. Big improvement from lesson #1. Unfortunately I don’t have a lot of patience for learning. I often have to pee as soon as I sit behind the driver’s seat, changing my mood for the worst. Ugh. But it has to be done. I’d hate to be stuck at home if there’s an emergency of some kind.

Other than the doctor appointment, I am really looking forward to getting reacquainted with my sewing machine. It’s been a while. I need to get some onesies cranked out soon! I’ll leave you with some cute clothes I purchased today. I’m hoping toΒ use them as inspiration when I make Chexie clothes. I just need to find a good trouser pattern; I have a shirt one already. If anyone has any pattern suggestions let me know! I really want one for a baby blazer.

I couldn't resist the shirt with its a little double decker bus on the pocket. The trousers and hat needed a home, too. #ilovesales I spy with my little eye a red double decker bus.

Happy New Year!


11 thoughts on “Week 31- What a difference a week makes!

  1. My kids pretty much lived in onesies and knit pants until they were at least 6 months old so I never had much use for a baby trouser pattern. Rae’s Big Butt Baby Pants pattern is awesome though, and it can be done in more formal fabrics if you want. Hope the meeting with the OB is good!

    • Thanks! And yes, it’s a lemon tree. It’s my landlord’s to be exact. The neighborhood is littered with lemon trees. I can’t wait to see what other fruit is being grown here. I think there might be a peach and fig tree outside our duplex.

  2. You are getting so close! Don’t worry about driving a stick shift…I had a manual car for a while. I hated it at first, and then it just clicked and became second nature. I’ve been back to driving an automatic for a few years now and still sometimes reach to shift! Good luck, and I can’t wait to see what you sew for Chexie!

  3. Oh that outfit is adorable! My Dad made me learn to drive on a manual when I was 14 or 15, for which I am exceedingly grateful! I still purchase them when I buy a car. It’ll be second nature in no time, hopefully. I can see it being a bit tricky on the hilly streets where you now live, though! πŸ™‚

    • Luckily we are in the ‘burbs so the streets are flat. So…I have no excuse πŸ™‚ Luckily I seem to be getting a hang of starting and stopping. Now shifting…well…that’s another story πŸ™‚

  4. I can’t wait to see the little baby clothes you come up with!!! You’re in the last quarter of your pregnancy, so exciting, albeit uncomfortable at times haha!

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