Week 29- Research, research, research


Baby is getting strong. I haven’t seen full on tummy movement but I have witnessed baby moving my clothes. He’s a lively one.

This weekend we visited a birth center and I absolutely loved it (it very well might be the one). They would support the drug-free labor I want. Have great security, rooms and support staff. And they don’t restrict how many people I choose to be in my birth team. At the moment it’s just my husband and maybe my mom. I can’t decide if I want to bite the bullet and add a doula. Not because I don’t want one but because they are so darn pricey here (average around $1500 for 3 visits and labor support).

The Bradley method and Hypnobaby classes run around $350 for 8 week sessions. After some moving expenses and renting a duplex one can see why I am leaning towards taking the class and calling it a day.

But I can’t shake the doula choice. I have yet to read a women regretting going with one. Having read so many wonderful testimonies from women who labored with doulas makes me want to look into the choice more. I figured there’s no harm in meeting with a few and seeing if I connect with one and going from there.

So many things to do. Now is also the time to start looking into bigger baby purchases, like strollers, car seats, cribs, etc. Is anyone else feeling overwhelmed by all the choices out there? So much research is involved. Crikey.


13 thoughts on “Week 29- Research, research, research

  1. I would recommend a doula if you can possibly afford it. My doula was a lifesaver! I’m surprised they cost so much, we paid $ 300 for our doula.

    • I know San Francisco is expensive but I am really surprised to see the rates for midwives and doulas. I did find one for $600 but I’d have to meet her and see why she charges a fraction to anyone else 🙂 I am keeping the hope that I find an excellent affordable one.

  2. I’m doing the hypnobabies self-study program. It’s a couple of hundred dollars cheaper than the classes, but does require a lot of self-motivation. I also have a doula (much cheaper here in Kentucky) and justified the cost to myself by saving money on the hypnobabies course.

  3. Loved my doula. She was $350 for full service. Bummer that they’re so expensive there. If I have a third baby, I’ll definite be using her again. I had an epidural with both deliveries, but she was still a lifesaver!

  4. We are also in the stage of starting to buy furniture, a stroller, and other essentials. I’ve been reading that a changing table is completely unnecessary, so it might be a way to save some money (and space)! I hope your transition back to the US is going well! Must be quite a change after living abroad for most of your pregnancy.

    • I read that too! I think I might change the baby on a pillow-top, on his dresser.

      I do believe there will be a few differences in experience from there to here. I’m very curious about what all they will be.

  5. Gosh, I haven’t even heard of a doula before so I’m guessing they are not very popular in South Africa! Then again, a large majority if births in SA are by Caesarian to accommodate doctor’s golf days (a cynical and controversial opinion, I know).

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