26 Weeks and Moving Day!


Life has been a bit hectic this week. I had a friend visiting for Thanksgiving and she just left yesterday. Having run around all of London left me quite exhausted. Luckily I slept in yesterday and today and am feeling more like myself.

And today is moving day! Our stuff is getting packed for air and sea shipment at the moment. We fly out to NYC on Monday and to San Francisco on Friday. Let the adventure begin!

As for baby…well he’s doing great. We went for a 25 week checkup and got our results back from the gestational diabetes test: negative! Woo hoo. But my word that sugary stuff was DISGUSTING. And I have me a sweet tooth but that drink was like drinking a concentrated melted lemon popsicle. Made me feel quite ill. Glad I was allowed to drink water.

In other news we went to see two musicals: Rock of Ages and The Jersey Boys. Rock of Ages was super loud, rattling the seats loud! Poor Chexie was not amused. He kicked the crap out of me. I used my coat and my friend’s to muffle the noise, covering my belly. He calmed a bit but I could do anything about those vibrations here and there.

At intermission I changed seats, to one with bad acoustics and with a limited view. He calmed down quite a bit and I was able to see the end (I was going to wait for my friend in the lobby if Chexie continued kicking).

So that’s all for now. Hoping to get back to regular baby updates once we are settled. For now general ones will have to do 🙂 Next update will come from across the pond! Whoa.


3 thoughts on “26 Weeks and Moving Day!

  1. I had that at a gig a few weeks back! Ended up having to wait outside! Can’t believe you’re really going now. Safe trip and you are welcome back for a visit anytime xxx

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