Me-Made Maternity Clothes Costs

Sewing my own clothes has made me quite comfortable in my skin. When you sew you have to face reality, there’s no fudging numbers because the garment won’t fit if you do. You learn to accept that your bust measures this and your hips measure that. Those numbers are fact and help in making the garment, so I accept and embrace them. Learning how my body is shaped allows me to sew flattering clothes that can feature my assets well and make me feel good while doing so. And who doesn’t want to look and feel good when pregnant?

Sewing also allows you to save money at times, but not always. It’s all dependent on your materials and if you are okay spending time fitting and sewing your clothes. Labor aside, garments can be a bargain if you find your materials at a good cost. But sometimes it’s nice to splurge if you want to treat yourself, like I did when I made my first maternity dress using Liberty of London fabric.

Plus-size maternity clothes are now more readily available in stores and I’ve been tempted to buy them, just for convenience. But because I enjoy sewing, have the time/patience and energy I figure why not make my own. I have to admit, that I am quite curious as to how much I am actually spending on my me-made maternity clothes. Am I actually saving money or am I spending too much?

Here’s a very basic breakdown of costs per garment. I only included fabric and new materials purchased. I own a lot of notions (buttons, thread, elastic, etc) that I’ve bought at bargain prices over the last two years. I excluded them from costs because I use them for so many projects.

Dressing the Bump
Stripey Knit Skirt
Cost of fabric and materials: Free (the fabric was given to me and I had left over elastic from old projects)
Cost of pattern: £8 for a maternity skirt
Time it took to make: About 2 hours. Turning the waistband inside out took forever!
Total cost: You can argue £8 but I bought a new skirt to make the stripey one, so I say £4
Sew U Home Stretch Babydoll Dress
Jersey-knit Sleeveless Babydoll Dress
Cost of new fabric and materials: £16 for 2 meters of double-knit jersey fabric
Cost of pattern: Free! The Sew U Home Stretch book was given to me as a gift
Time it took to make: About 2 hours. A great simple pattern
Total cost: £16

Baby Doll Dress
Jersey-knit Babydoll Dress
Cost of new fabric and materials: £5 for 2 meters of remnant double-knit jersey fabric. Bargain!
Cost of pattern: Free! A Sew U Home Stretch pattern
Time it took to make: About 6 hours (grading/tracing the pattern and sewing)
Total cost: £5

Simplicity 1998
Jersey-knit Dress
Cost of new fabric and materials: £6 for 2 meters of remnant ponte-knit jersey fabric
Cost of pattern: £2
Time it took to make: About 8 hours (grading/tracing the pattern, fitting and sewing). This dress was a pill to fit by myself
Total cost: £8

Muslin #1 for Simplicity 8670 (vintage 1970)
1970s Maternity Dress
Cost of new fabric and materials: £12 for 2 meters of cotton poplin, £.80 for a zipper
Cost of pattern: £7 for a vintage 70s maternity pattern
Time it took to make: About 6 hours (grading/tracing the pattern, fitting and sewing)
Total cost: £ 19.80

Muslin #2 for Simplicity 8670 (vintage 1970)
1970s Maternity Dress
Cost of new fabric and materials: £12 for 2 meters of black poplin, £2 for remnant red mystery remnant fabric, £.25 zipper
Cost of pattern: £0, re-used vintage 70s maternity pattern
Time it took to make: 4 hours
Total cost: £14.25

Final version of Simplicity 8670 (maternity pattern) in Liberty cotton and Japanese lace
1970s Maternity Dress
Cost of new fabric and materials: £36 for 3 meters of Liberty fabric, £2.25 for half a yard of Japanese cotton lace, £.25 zipper
Cost of pattern: £0, re-used vintage 70s maternity pattern
Time it took to make: 4 hours
Total cost: £38.50

So I have to conclude that my costs aren’t nearly as high as they would be if I had purchased similar maternity clothes. And I hope the costs continue that way.

Do you keep a maternity clothing budget? Any thrifty tips to keep costs low?


12 thoughts on “Me-Made Maternity Clothes Costs

  1. Have I ever told you how proud I am of you? I tell everyone about my friend Mela who picked up sewing about a year ago and never looked back. I love that even your most expensive garment costs less than most shop bought items. This is a great resource for Mums-to-be!

    • Thank you Mandy! I owe my sanity to sewing. I think I would be really unhappy without it. And it’s just a super skill to have. I wish I could sing it to the world 🙂 But you don’t want to hear me sing.

  2. I love your style and would love to make clothes if I had the talent/equipment/time 🙂 They are so gorgeous and unique!

    I just pretty much stretched the use of my pre-pregnancy clothes as long as possible, then purchased basics from cheaper brands like Motherhood Maternity and stuff that was on sale. Luckily I don’t have to dress up much for work and can mix & match and accessorize! Oh, and I also got some hand-me-downs and clothes my mom/sister got for me while they were out.

    • Hand-me-downs are the way to go to save money. And thrifting/refashioning, too. I forget about those.

      I’m sure I will lose steam soon and will look into places like Motherhood Maternity or even Target. Especially for trousers! My one pair are not fairing so well these days 🙂

  3. These are fantastic! Both of my pregnancies were before I started sewing, so I’ve never made my own maternity clothes. I got a lot of work maternity pants as Christmas presents and bought some maternity-specific tops at sites like Then I bought a bunch of regular empire-waist and drop-waist tops. I also swapped maternity clothes with one of my friends since our pregnancies were staggered. Whenever one of us would get pregnant, we’d get a box of maternity clothes on extended loan! My maternity clothes have now made it through 4 pregnancies because of that 🙂

    Love your maternity creations. Especially the vintage dresses — those turned out so well!

    • Thank you!, what a great resource, and new to me.

      Having pregnant friends would make swapping clothes really fun. I’m definitely saving my maternity clothes to pass on to someone else.

  4. These are absolutely fabulous and SO MUCH BETTER than anything found on the high street. You should start an Etsy shop selling them once you’re more settled. I know of at least one person who’d buy your very stylish creations…

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