I’m quite curious as to what I should expect in regards to prenatal care when I move back home. For instance, under NHS I am allotted two scans, one at 8-14 weeks and another at 18-20 weeks. That’s it. No more. I find it a bit low. So…How many scans are you allotted in the U.S.? I’m sure it depends on your insurance coverage. I just want to get an idea. Thanks in advance!



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  1. I’m sure it will depend on your insurance coverage and medical history but I also think that is probably low, though it is the “standard.” I have a particular condition that led my doctor to order more. I had the standard scan at 8 weeks, then level 2 ultrasounds at 18-20 weeks and again at 30 weeks and with my daughter also had a regular ultrasound around 34-36 weeks I think. I think the reality is here that your doctor can order as many as he/she seems necessary. At least that’s been my experience. my insurance is the PPO through Blue Cross Blue Shield.

  2. I went with a midwife (which – if you would consider giving “natural” childbirth a go – I HIGHLY recommend).

    They are the “least invasive”, most “natural” type of experience (IMO)… Even my hubby gave the experience a thumbs up…

    But I digress. Even with the midwife/birthing center, however, I had two – one initial, and one around 20 weeks. There are several places you can go to “elect” a 3D/4D color scan (even places where you can invite the whole family, if you are so inclined..)

    Once I was over my due date with Laura (by more than a week), I had another one (and would have continued having them regularly, just to make sure the baby wasn’t stressed).

    I did both my kiddos naturally (as in- no drugs). I’m not a big hippy, just terrified of doctors (and apprehensive about unnecessary medical intervention- which I believe there is quite a lot of!) Even though I didn’t deliver my first kiddo until 30+ hours after my water broke (which, btw, would probably not have been the case in the hospital– but was my choice).

    • I definitely want to give birth at a birth center. That is my first choice. If we were giving birth here it would be covered under the national insurance. I am planning on doing quite a bit of homework on what our new insurance will cover. I am freaked out at the idea of not being able to feel my legs so an epidural is out. I’d love to just do it natural all the way. I just hope no complications come about so I can have the dream labor 🙂

  3. I think you’re usually allotted 3 here. I got one at 8 weesks, getting one at 10 weeks, and I think another later on. BUT with the states, there are several places that will do ultrasounds for like a 50$ fee! That’s how we found out our gender early. I’m also very lucky in that I live right by a college that teaches ultrasound technology to students and they need test subjects every week for class! So free ultrasounds for the pregnant ladies every week if we want! With blue cross, I know they will cover anything the doctor requests if he/she thinks its necessary…I had SEVERAL ultrasounds in the 3rd trimester because my actual stomach was measuring small and they wanted to check inside to make sure the baby was growing on track and ultrasounds are the only way to see that for sure. ALSO if you’re coming to be a new patient for a doctor I would think they would do their own ultrasound. Maybe just don’t transfer your records 😉 Unless you think there’s something super important in them like if you’ve had problems.

    • This is all great information to know. Thank you. I figured how many ultrasounds depended on a woman’s pregnancy but it’s good to be reassured. I’m sure the same goes here even though no one has told me that.

  4. I think it depends entirely on your doctor (or midwife), how your pregnancy is going, and your insurance. My sister, who has type 1 diabetes had one every 4 weeks, but I’m only scheduled at have 4 total.

  5. I had two ultrasounds with each pregnancy (one at 8 weeks, one at 20 weeks), and each one was with different insurance policies. I think if I had been way overdue, or they suspected low fluid or something, they would have done another one, and I was given the option to get a 3D/4D ultrasound (I think the cost was about $125, but we didn’t do it. Those creep me out for some reason). Good luck! Can’t wait to keep reading about your pregnancy!

  6. During my first pregnancy, I had 3 – one for dating @ 8 weeks, one @ 10 weeks because I was having some unexplained bleeding and the anatomy scan @ 20 weeks. I’ve had many more this time since I’m 35 AKA “old” (whatever!). I had a dating scan @ 7 weeks, nuchal translucency test scan @ 12 weeks with a specialist, another scan @ 16 weeks with the specialist, and we’ll do the anatomy scan @ 22 weeks with the specialist. I’m still low-risk so this is all age-related stuff.

  7. My midwife told me after the 20-week ultrasound I only get ONE more, I forget which week but towards the end. I’m kind of ok with it, since there is a bit of controversy on how necessary/invasive/harmful they can be. So, will your baby be born in CA? I bet there are several great birthing centers there. If you haven’t already, I highly recommend watching Rickie Lake’s documentaries “The Business of Being Born” and “More Business of Being Born”. So helpful!

    • Thanks. I’ve been wanting to see “The Business of Being Born” for ages and forgot all about it. Thanks for the reminder and letting me know there’s a sequel. Must add it to my Netflix queue once we move back. And yes, the baby will be born in CA. I’ve booked a tour of a birthing center and am still looking into a few others. Hoping we find a good match fast 🙂

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