Week 22-Recovering from Rome

In the courtyard, The Vatican, Rome No 22 week photo so I have to settle for this one at 21 week and 5 days. Taken in the courtyard of the Vatican.

How far along| 22 weeks.
Baby’s Size| 11 inches, or the length of a spaghetti squash. Have I ever seen a spaghetti squash? Hmm…
Weight Gain| Down a pound. But it wasn’t due to lack of eating. We went to Rome for a long weekend and holy crap did we walk and climb stairs! So. Many. Stairs.

The Colisieum, Rome

Sleep| I’ve been sleeping very well, feeling tired by 10ish, especially after all the traveling.
Clothes| I noticed that my jacket is feeling a bit snug. Hoping it will last a couple of  weeks or so, or until it’s proper coat weather. My coat is a lot roomier than my jacket.
Cravings| Gelato! Chocolate gelato especially. We made it a point to have 1 to 2 gelatos a day in Rome. Best ice cream ever.

Keeping up with my goal of two gelatos a day. I'm a happy girl.

Food Aversions| None. Huzzah!
Symptoms| The usual: backaches, foggy brain (lately I swear I forget what I am saying mid-sentence), and itchy skin. All of which I have forgotten to mention in previous weekly updates. D’oh! Silly brain.
Movement| The baby loves gelato! I experienced my first confirmed baby kicks after some delicious gelato. There’s a theory that babies move more when you eat or drink something cold. Must be true!
Belly Button| Chilling inwards.
Baby’s Sex| A wee mister.
Highlight of the Week| Feeling my boy kicking about. He’s getting stronger with each passing day.
What I miss| I don’t miss it at the moment but I will as soon as the Christmas holidays start up in full swing: mulled wine! Man, oh, man. I do love me some mulled wine.


4 thoughts on “Week 22-Recovering from Rome

    • Maneuvering the crowd while walking was quite frustrating and of course, exerted more energy. But it was a good workout! Helped burn those gelatos.

      I love ice cream too. SO much so we served it at our wedding 🙂

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