20 week Update- And it’s a…

I bought these sweet shoes early on. I forgot what color they were, until today. Blue, quite fitting.

How far along| As of today I am 20 weeks and 1 day. More than halfway done baking!
Baby’s Size| Chexie is the length of a banana, and average for his size and weight.
Weight Gain| Minus three pounds from the day I found out we were pregnant. But yesterday I was up a pound from when I found out. Huh?
Sleep| Still hitting the potty multiple times a night but lately I’ve been able to go back to sleep soon after. Hurrah!
Clothes| I haven’t bought clothes in ages but when I saw that floral skirt, pictured above, I nearly fell over. I love that the fabric is reminiscent of a grandmother’s tapestry. And it was a bargain at 8 quid.
Cravings| Breads and pastries. Both fulfilled.
Food Aversions| Cold cereal. So over it.
Symptoms| My back was ACHING for two days straight. It finally calmed down, thankfully.
Movement| Still just the gentle waves and pokes here and there. No martial arts action yet. But he was kicking a lot during today’s scan.
Belly Button| In.
Sex| It’s a boy! My intuition was correct. And so was my mother’s.
Highlight of the Week| Seeing Chexie and his parts. Glad he wasn’t shy today.
What I miss| Lack of back pain.


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