What will it be: Nene or Nena?

I mentioned before that I was pretty sure in the beginning of my pregnancy that I was having a boy. I’ve always wanted a boy first and a girl second. There’s no deep rationale behind it. The idea stems from my brother and my birth order, that’s it. It worked well for us so I figured why not for my own chickees?

But lately, after a dream I had a month ago, I can’t let go of the feeling that maybe it’s a girl after all. But who knows? Well my mother seems to. She guessed my sister was having a girl and was correct. Now she believes me to be carrying a boy. If she guesses right I might suggest she play the lotto, just for kicks.

All this recent guessing had me thinking that I should start investigating old wives tales to see what each predicts. Next week we get to find out the sex so I’ll see which one of these were correct.

Following in a fellow expectant mama‘s footsteps, I decided to answer the questions in Parenting article to see what are my chances for a boy or girl. Please, humor me :).

1. Highs and Lows: “If you’re carrying high, break out the pink. If your bump is low, you’re carrying a boy.” Well. I don’t have much of a bump yet so let’s say Remains A Mystery

2. Be Still My Beating Heart: “According to legend, 140+ beats per minute indicates a girl, and below 140 a boy.” Well. I have only heard the baby’s heartbeat once and the midwife didn’t tell me the rate, nor if it was a strong one when I asked. Sometimes I am convinced my American accent is lost on the midwives here. I am always repeating myself. Remains A Mystery

3. Sweet and Sour: “Craving ice cream every single day? Some people believe this means it’s a girl. If you have to have salty or sour stuff, then it’s a boy.” The few things I have craved are tart candies and citrus flavors. But I have to give it to sweet. Girl!

4. Chinese Birth Chart: “This ancient method uses your age at conception and the month you did the deed to determine gender.” Boy! (I’d love for moms to do this test and tell me how correct it is!)

5. Potty Time: “Pee in a cup, mix a tablespoon of Drano in, and watch to see if it changes color. Green = girl, and blue = boy.” Yucko. Not doing it. Remains A Mystery

6. Even and Odd: “Legend has it that the Mayans determined a baby’s sex by looking at the mother’s age at conception and the year of conception. If both are even or odd, it’s a girl. If one’s even and one’s odd, it’s a boy.” Girl!

7. Unlocking the Mystery: “This is one for a friend to try. Place a key in front of your preggo friend and ask her to pick it up. If she grabs it by the narrow part, she’s in for sugar and spice and all that. If she picks it up by the round part, it’s snips and snails.” No preggo friend to help with this one for now. Remains A Mystery

8. Spot on: “If you’re breaking out like crazy, blame it on your girl babe. The belief goes that girls steal their mother’s beauty, hence, those annoying zits.” No zits (thank goodness!). Boy!

9. Nice Ring to It: “Pop off your wedding ring — if you still can! — and tie it to a string. Hang it over your belly. If it swings in a circle, a little guy’s in your future. If it goes back and forth, you’ve got a girl.” When we did this test the site I used said the opposite: back and forth for a boy and swing in a circle for a girl. So I say Boy!

10. Queasy does it: “Sick as a dog during the first trimester — or still? Signs indicate you’re having a girl. Little or no morning sickness points to a boy.” No morning sickness for this mama-to-be. Boy!

So we have four “Boy” to two “Girl”. Which one is correct? You will have to stay tuned in to find out. That is, assuming Chexie isn’t feeling shy that day.

*I totally don’t think these things are true, just good old fun!


4 thoughts on “What will it be: Nene or Nena?

  1. I did many of these when I was pregnant with both my kids too! I carried both my kids the same way and had terrible morning sickness and food aversions with both, so those were never any kind of indicators for me. And with both pregnancies (I have one boy and one girl BTW), my hair, skin and nails were awesome — never any zits.

    But, my son’s fetal heart rate was consistently lower than my daughter’s.

    The Chinese birth chart correctly predicted the sex of both my babies (first a boy and then a girl). I had never heard of the Mayan test before, but the Chinese were more accurate for me than the Mayans. According to the Mayan test, I should have two girls!

    I say it’s a boy!

      • Have just tried the chinese birth chart and I’m supposed to be having a girl according to it . I also dreamt I was having a girl once, but then I’m carrying high and have no morning sickness (boy). Who knows!

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