Baby’s First Gift

Evie, from Pendle Stitches, sent Chexie the sweetest, most gorgeous cardigan. I have to admit, I cried when I opened it. It was so thoughtful, a true representation of how amazing the sewing/knitting community is.

Our little babe got its first gift today! Such a sweet cardi made by a blogger friend, Evie from Pendle Stitches.

She also included a lovely dress pattern for me. Can’t wait to give it a go! Thank you so much Evie!


Week 22-Recovering from Rome

In the courtyard, The Vatican, Rome No 22 week photo so I have to settle for this one at 21 week and 5 days. Taken in the courtyard of the Vatican.

How far along| 22 weeks.
Baby’s Size| 11 inches, or the length of a spaghetti squash. Have I ever seen a spaghetti squash? Hmm…
Weight Gain| Down a pound. But it wasn’t due to lack of eating. We went to Rome for a long weekend and holy crap did we walk and climb stairs! So. Many. Stairs.

The Colisieum, Rome

Sleep| I’ve been sleeping very well, feeling tired by 10ish, especially after all the traveling.
Clothes| I noticed that my jacket is feeling a bit snug. Hoping it will last a couple of  weeks or so, or until it’s proper coat weather. My coat is a lot roomier than my jacket.
Cravings| Gelato! Chocolate gelato especially. We made it a point to have 1 to 2 gelatos a day in Rome. Best ice cream ever.

Keeping up with my goal of two gelatos a day. I'm a happy girl.

Food Aversions| None. Huzzah!
Symptoms| The usual: backaches, foggy brain (lately I swear I forget what I am saying mid-sentence), and itchy skin. All of which I have forgotten to mention in previous weekly updates. D’oh! Silly brain.
Movement| The baby loves gelato! I experienced my first confirmed baby kicks after some delicious gelato. There’s a theory that babies move more when you eat or drink something cold. Must be true!
Belly Button| Chilling inwards.
Baby’s Sex| A wee mister.
Highlight of the Week| Feeling my boy kicking about. He’s getting stronger with each passing day.
What I miss| I don’t miss it at the moment but I will as soon as the Christmas holidays start up in full swing: mulled wine! Man, oh, man. I do love me some mulled wine.

21 Week Update-Healthy thoughts, please

Dress the Bump: V&A Hollywood Costume Exhibit 20weeks and 5 days

How far along| 21 weeks exactly.
Baby’s Size| 10 1/2 inches, or the length of a (huge!) carrot.
Weight Gain| 0 pounds. I gained 3 pounds from last week to this one. I’m not sure if this is good or not. But I am going to start eating less sweets. I made these yesterday and had my husband take them to work with him.

Doughnuts filled

I love to bake. So I plan on still baking but giving away what I make or baking healthier treats. Sounds good to me, right?

Sleep| I probably sleep well every other day. I am considering doing an exercise challenge for myself to exert some energy on days I stay in.
Clothes| I’m still loving all my clothes and the way they fit. I am not having issues with fit…yet. I bought the skirt above so I can use it as a pattern and make a couple of more. It is so comfy.
Cravings| Food. Finally I am being a lot less picky when it comes to foods. Maybe that’s where I got those 3 pounds from? Hmmm…
Food Aversions| None really.
Symptoms| I forget to mention this one weekly but not today. I have been so damn gassy since week 9. I swear I can fill up a hot air balloon. Charming, I know.
Movement| I keep feeling these thumps below and along my belly button. Is it Chexie? Is it the said gas above? Who knows! But I do know Chexie’s schedule has changed and he is no longer moving about between 5-8AM. What’s up with that? He should be keeping me company while I’m awake.
Belly Button| So so so in.
Sex| Un nene lindo.
Highlight of the Week| Finishing Chexie’s quilt. It’s so much prettier in person. The colors are so vibrant.
What I miss| SUDAFED. I really, really need to find out if I can take them. I can’t breathe over here! What the hell is in the air lately? Luckily I have an appointment with the nurse tomorrow so I’ll be asking her about it.


The three pound weight gain had me thinking a lot last night when I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t get the image of (Downton Abbey SPOILER ALERT) Lady Sybil dying from preeclampsia out of my head. I really hate that my thoughts can be so dark during sleepless nights. I’m a rational person, and I know medicine has come a long way since the 1920s but the fact remains women still die in child birth or have serious complications from labor.

All I can do is work at being the healthiest I can be come labor day. With that said I really was inspired by this blogger’s 30 Day Yoga Challenge. On rainy days I have totally abandoned my yoga DVD in favor for the sewing machine. Big no-no. With the yoga session only taking 30 minutes why am I skipping them? Laziness, that’s why. And well, I’d rather be sewing. Well no more. Starting today I am going to attempt my own 30 Day Yoga Challenge. I’m wearing my maternity yoga pants on now. Woot!

Now that my appetite is coming back with a vengeance I want to keep better track of what’s going in my body. I found this useful chart that will help me keep track of not only foods but of daily nutritional needs. I came across an article that said plus size women require more folic acid than average sized women. Huh? No one told me this. Just another question to ask the nurse tomorrow.

So yoga and food tracking will be my tools to combat excessive weight gain, which in turn will help lower my chance of suffering from preeclampsia, or gestational diabetes (ack!). Sounds like a plan.

All right then. Yoga time!

Exciting times ahead

A month or so after Greg and I got married he got offered a position to work at his current office in London. We quickly put the house of the market, sold it in a day and packed up and moved here. It was that fast, that crazy. We started newlywed life in London and have been here ever since. Now almost three years later we are getting ready to have a baby and move house again. Y’all, we are moving!

Taken by me during my first visit to San Francisco in 2008

I was a bit hesitant at the prospect of moving to California but now I am so, like, WHATEVER. When it comes to milestones in our lives, Greg and I never do anything easy. Life is an adventure, and we do it big! Greg was offered a position in the San Francisco office last night and he accepted. BRING ON THE SUNSHINE!

I am still disappointed that we can’t pick up where our life in Austin ended. We were so happy there. I was torn when it came to leave to London because everything about Austin was so so awesome. At least we will be able to visit. There’s always that. And I have already started to think of all the things I will miss in London: my sewing friends, the fabric shops, all the green spaces, being surrounded by gorgeous architecture and all the history. Ack! I can’t think about it. I mustn’t.

So, California. Yeah. Wow. We will be there by mid-December. I’m still in shock. Kind of like when I found out I was pregnant 🙂 It’ll take a few days to set in, I’m sure.

20 week Update- And it’s a…

I bought these sweet shoes early on. I forgot what color they were, until today. Blue, quite fitting.

How far along| As of today I am 20 weeks and 1 day. More than halfway done baking!
Baby’s Size| Chexie is the length of a banana, and average for his size and weight.
Weight Gain| Minus three pounds from the day I found out we were pregnant. But yesterday I was up a pound from when I found out. Huh?
Sleep| Still hitting the potty multiple times a night but lately I’ve been able to go back to sleep soon after. Hurrah!
Clothes| I haven’t bought clothes in ages but when I saw that floral skirt, pictured above, I nearly fell over. I love that the fabric is reminiscent of a grandmother’s tapestry. And it was a bargain at 8 quid.
Cravings| Breads and pastries. Both fulfilled.
Food Aversions| Cold cereal. So over it.
Symptoms| My back was ACHING for two days straight. It finally calmed down, thankfully.
Movement| Still just the gentle waves and pokes here and there. No martial arts action yet. But he was kicking a lot during today’s scan.
Belly Button| In.
Sex| It’s a boy! My intuition was correct. And so was my mother’s.
Highlight of the Week| Seeing Chexie and his parts. Glad he wasn’t shy today.
What I miss| Lack of back pain.

Dressing the Bump: Paris Edition

Oh, baby! Street Graffiti in Paris. I found it quite fitting considering…

I planned to reward myself with a fabric shopping trip to Paris after completing my sixth half marathon. Even though the half didn’t happen I sure as heck was still going to Paris. This trip for me was not only about hitting the fabric district in Montmartre; but also to say goodbye to one of my favorite cities. It will be quite a while before I can visit again. Heck, I might have a toddler/kid with me next time!

Rain, rain, go away!

We started the wet day with a delicious breakfast. I had half a baguette with butter and jams, and a bowl of hot chocolate. Yes. A bowl. There was also a buttery croissant but that didn’t come until later.

Breakfast is served.

I had planned to wear a cute black dress with bright turquoise tights. Unfortunately because of the rain I played it safe and wore jeans and a me-made tunic. Glad I did! It was so so cold.

Dressing the Bump: Paris Edition

Luckily the rain stopped long enough to get a couple of photos in front of the Louvre.

Dressing the Bump: Paris Edition

The queue was super long, snaking from the outside of the pyramid and into the museum down a flight of stairs. We decided it wasn’t worth a visit if we would spend the majority of the time waiting to go in. We would only have 45 minutes to browse, if we were lucky. Having been there a few times already we were okay with the decision. Instead we headed to the mall and indulged in my favorite macarons, from the amazing Ladurée.

My favorite place for macarons in Paris. Hands down.

The lemon ones are my favorite. Followed by the salted caramel. Delish!

Lemon Macaron from Laduree

Even though the trip was a very, very wet one. And I didn’t get to eat as many pastries as I would’ve like, I still had a great time with my honey. And I came back with some great goodies.

Paris fabric shops offered so many choices. Took me ages just to settle on these three. I see a dress, a circle skirt and some trousers in my future.

Until we meet again, Paris!

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How many bibs does it take?

I’m no expert when it comes to babies. The last baby I was around was my sister and she’s 22 now, so that was a long time ago. When I decided to make Chexie some bibs I didn’t have a clue as to how many I should make to start with. Some people say loads (20+) and others say a handful are fine (5  or so). The number comes down to how often you will do laundry, if you have a spit-upper on your hands and how often baby feeds. So I decided to make 12 and go from there. The best part about making these was how fast they came together and how cheap they cost me (not including labor, of course).

Chexie's bibs

With scraps and two fat quarters in hand I set out to make my bibs using this tutorial. I purchased some towelling fabric and in hindsight I should have just used towels we are no longer attached to. Oh well. You live, you learn. At least I bought some vibrant towelling that gives the bibs a bit more umph.

Chexie's bibs

Bibs make a great beginner’s project in that it’s fast and easy. But don’t fear if you are not a green sewer, you won’t be bored to tears making these. You get to work on your top-stitching skills and get comfortable sewing round edges. Win, win!

Chexie's bibs

So here’s the breakdown of costs. Initially I thought they each cost me £1.53/$2.46 a bib but after using cheaper snaps, it brought the costs down.

Towelling £6.74 (used 3/4 a meter)
Two Fat Quarters £5.60
Scraps (10 pieces) Free
Snaps (12) £1.00
Total £13.34 or £1.11/$1.78 a bib

Not too bad considering I get to use up my scraps and match baby’s bibs to my existing garments. Is anyone making anything for their baby or kids at the moment? I’ll be working on some blankets next.