Worry worm


Soon after the joy of finding out we were pregnant passed, worry set in. And it hasn’t left. I believe it’s here to stay. At least until the wee one grows up and has a family of its own. You see, I started worrying at the little things. When I sneezed I imagined the baby popping out. Not kidding. When I walked down the circular stairs that lead from my flat, I was terrified that at any moment I would trip. Cramps were confusing, was it a growing pain or was it worse?

Luckily when the second trimester arrived a lot of the weight on my shoulders lifted. But it soon returned when I realized that between this week and that I should be feeling my baby move. Your thoughts always seem the scariest, craziest and absurd when you can’t sleep. I’ve been suffering from insomnia off and on since getting pregnant. I wake up anywhere between 3AM and 5AM and stay awake until 6:30AM. But there has been a bit of a distraction. When I’m lying still I can feel some movement and instantly I become serene and feel as light as a feather. But then a day goes by and I’m back to worrying, wondering if there’s something wrong with the baby. Why isn’t it moving more? And then it happens again. I feel some movement and everything becomes good again.

I don’t think I will ever stop worrying about this babe. Not ever. But we will always have those moments when all is well and life will just seem lovely and dream-like.



2 thoughts on “Worry worm

  1. Hey there. I can most definitely relate with those worry levels… You’re so right; they do seem to get worse at night and take a life of their own sometimes! One thing I’ve found quite helpful is doing kick counts every day. As per my hospital’s guidelines if your little one moves ten times in one day until week 28 all is well. From week 28 onwards the counts change a bit. Another thing I’ve found quite useful is a fetal monitor; you can get them to work from week 12 onwards and they’re quite cheap generally speaking. When I start getting concerned about the little one, I tend to lie down quietly, put the monitor on and listen to the steady rhythm of the little one’s heartbeat for a few minutes… That never fails to calm me down some. Of course, monitors can’t and shouldn’t replace kick counts or medical monitoring, but they can be nice to have in times of worry. Hope everything goes extra smoothly for you and your little one throughout this pregnancy 🙂

    • Thank you so much for the suggestions! Anything to help me slow down my worries is worth doing. Luckily my friend offered me to borrow her fetal monitor. Think it’s time for me to call in that favor.

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