Week 17 ( A few days late)

I have to admit, I would see a lot of pregnancy blogs feature a pregnancy survey and totally roll my eyes. But now that I’m pregnant, I can’t help but want to play along. I want to remember all the little things. Besides, it will hold me accountable to taking those bump pics. Also, I’ve been keeping notes for myself but figured since now I have a baby blog I might as well write some of my pregnancy details here. But no fear, I won’t be discussing any grim bits here.  I hope.

On this day I was 16 weeks and 5 days. Close enough to 17, I say.

How far along | 17 weeks and 3 days

Baby’s Size | Last week it was an avocado. This week? No fruit to compare it to. Although it weighs as much as a turnip.

Weight Gain | Minus 3 pounds from when I first got the pregnancy news.

Sleep |
Ugh. I’d love some. I was sleeping poorly for a few weeks. Then I wasn’t. But now for the last week or so I’ve been waking and staying up for a couple of hours. Usually falling asleep when the sun rises.

Clothes | I can still fit into most of my clothes, just not comfortably. Skirts are my go-to these days. And dresses.

Cravings | I had the biggest hankering for Starbursts. Finally got some and they were amazing. I’m not one for candy. I prefer chocolate. The Starbursts want took me by surprise. I also craved freshly baked bread. So I made some. Next week I might try bagels.

Time for lunch.

Food Aversions |
I lost my appetite during the first trimester and it’s slowing coming back. I have good days and I have bad days. I guess the best part of not having an appetite is that I am eating 3 solid meals a day without the usual horrible pre-pregnancy snacking in between.

Symptoms | growing pains: achy belly and back here and there.

Movement | On September 17th I finally felt some movement. I was very excited but unsure since, hell, it could’ve been gas (Oops, sorry. Promise I won’t get grosser than flatulence). But the movements I’ve felt since then have been quite similar. As of now I only feel it if I am resting my hands on my belly.

Belly Button | Innie. I suspect it’ll stay that way. Just a hunch.

Gender | We won’t find out for another 3 weeks. Can’t come soon enough!

Highlight of the Week | Feeling the baby move here there has been the best part of this pregnancy so far. And the readings.

What I miss | Soft cooked eggs. The one thing I’d love to eat is a yummy runny egg on toast.


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