Reading Time

As soon as I read that Chexie* was old enough to  hear my voice I started to read some books I bought for the occasion. Before going to sleep I read it aloud to my husband and the baby. It’s such a sweet, calming moment. I can only hope when I meet Chexie that s/he will recognize my voice. Am I asking too much? No matter. I am loving these little moments with just husband, baby and me.

Chexie’s first books so far are Goodnight Moon. Written by a fellow Hollins College (currently Hollins University) alumna so it had to be added to the library without question.

Goodnight Moon

Guess How Much I Love You (which makes me cry every time)

And The Gruffalo’s Child

We are planning on getting some bilingual books, in Spanish and English. It’ll definitely help me practice my Spanish and my husband (maybe?) learn a bit for himself. We’ve decided he’ll be reading those aloud as a learning exercise :).

*Our nickname for the baby


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