We made the announcement

Final version of Simplicity 8670 in Liberty cotton and Japanese lace

In July we found out we were expecting and have kept it mostly to ourselves until recently. We had already told our close friends and family. Now it was time to share it with the world (meaning Facebook). We decided to do a cute rebus puzzle, thinking it clever, cute, and original. Well, it definitely is all those things. Unfortunately we didn’t count on how many people were unfamiliar with them, so our great big announcement fell flat. Oh well. What can you do? It feels like the moment has passed and to announce it again would feel like we’re fishing for congratulations when all we really want to do is share the news.

Anyhow, here’s the rebus puzzle***.

Get it? We totally thought it was a great easy puzzle. So much so we didn’t offer any other clues! So silly of us. Like my husband said, we made it up so of course it made sense to us easily enough.

So that’s the story about the our semi-unsuccessful baby announcement. So if you learn anything from me is that going the obvious route (in regards to announcements) seems to be the way to go with Facebook :).

1) Rocky minus Y= Rock
2) The Fonz says,”Aaaaayyyy”= A
3) Woman buying something= Buy/Bye
4) Bay= Bay
5) Bee= Bee

Rock-A-Bye-Baby 🙂


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